The Future of Custom Home Technology

An interview with DSC President Jerry Meek. Recently, Jerry gave an interview where he discussed his perspective on the advancement of technology and custom home building. He describes how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way homeowners utilize appliances and renewable energy systems. He also shares how artificial intelligence will become an important feature of future homes.     HOW HAS THE INTERNET OF THINGS AFFECTED HOME-BUILDING? We are starting to see more and … Read More

Technology Interview with DSC President Jerry Meek

Creativity Maximized!

By Jeremy Meek Renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright has been lauded by many for his work on the Kaufman Residence, commonly known as Fallingwater. Some design authorities go so far as to call this definitive living space the most iconic house in America. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia In December of 2011, members of Team DSC® were privileged to attend a private event at the Phoenix Art Museum ahead of the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit opening to the … Read More

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Harnessing Technology

By Jeremy Meek Using technology to leverage our efforts and productivity is ingrained in the culture of Team DSC® . Photo courtesy of Wikipedia** While we are implementing a variety of tools on a daily basis, this tradition of leveraging technology to add value to our clients and partners started way back on August 15, 1981 with Jerry’s purchase of one of the first IBM PC1’s. This allowed DSC to create and print documents as well as … Read More


Tried and True: The Value of Time-Honored Relationships

By Jerry Meek TRUST, INTEGRITY, AND OPEN COMMUNICATION ARE AT THE HEART OF MANY TIME-HONORED PARTNERSHIPS. As the saying goes, “Time will tell.” When it comes to completing a large-scale custom project such as “La Grande Maison”, time is extremely valuable. From start to finish, the entire team diligently worked together on this incredible project to consistently deliver the most value for the homeowners’ time and investment. One way we made sure this happened was … Read More

La Grande Maison


By Jerry Meek My wife Carol and I arrived at Torrey Pines Golf Resort in La Jolla, CA on January 12, 2014 to begin what would be the most amazing business experience of my career as a luxury home builder: High Performance Forum by New York Times best–selling author and publisher of SUCCESS Magazine, Darren Hardy. No cell phones or electronic devices for the entire time, and yes, laser focus was a prerequisite. I was … Read More

Building A Better Future Together with Darren Hardy


By Jerry Meek In November 2013, Desert Star Construction and Team DSC® had the honor of hosting the National Custom Builders Council (NCBC) in Scottsdale, AZ for our annual conference. NCBC is my professional Peer Group and an organization that encourages Best Practices in all areas of Business and Operations as it pertains to custom luxury home building. Bob Vanourek, author of the book Triple Crown Leadership and winner of the 2013 International Book Awards … Read More

NCBC National Custom Builders Council


As Team DSC® continues to celebrate its 35th anniversary, I can’t help but think about the incredible mentors who have helped shape our past and future success. When friends and colleagues ask me whether a mentor has been integral to the prosperity of Desert Star Construction, I always reply with a simple question: Do I want to reach my full potential and be all that I am meant to be? I am a firm believer … Read More

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